Questions & Answers

Q – Will I be the only business in my category displayed on the web page for my community.

A – Yes, one of the advantages to being a Service Provider in our network is EXCLUSIVITY.

Q – Do I have to offer a discount or a special offer to customers/clients who come through this site?

A – No, this is an optional program.  This is meant as an encouragement to help drive new business to your company.

Q – Do I get first right of renewal at the end of my membership?

A – Yes, you will be sent an email with the opportunity to renew your membership for another term.

Q – How do people find out about our network?

A – There are several ways.

  1. The Site Itself.

    1. The power of the network is in the number of companies involved.  When search engines search the net for websites, they will find not only find our network but will also find all the companies listed on our site.

    2. We have programmed specific meta words into our site including, the name of the community, the categories of service providers, the company names of the service providers, and other key terms and phrases.

  2. Referrals – customers and clients who use our network and refer it to their family, colleagues at work and friends.

  3. Social Media – our company uses Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote the network and keep in touch with both our members and clients/customers who use our site.

  4. Corporate and Government Employees – we are continually inviting companies and government agencies throughout the country to use our services to help with the relocation of their employees.

  5. Advertising – the best advertising we have for our network is you – our members.  Our members (Service Providers), have the opportunity to include our logo in their advertising and to promote the fact that they are the exclusive supplier for their community.


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