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.Lloydminster is a Canadian city which has the unusual geographic distinction of straddling the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Unlike most such cases (such as Texarkana and Kansas City), Lloydminster is not a pair of twin cities on opposite sides of a border which merely share the same name, but is incorporated by both provinces as a single city with a single municipal administration.

Intended to be an exclusively British Utopian settlement centred on the idea of sobriety, the town was founded in 1903 by the Barr Colonists, who came directly from the United Kingdom.  At a time when the area was still part of the North-West Territories, the town was located astride the Fourth Meridian of the Dominion Land Survey.  The town was named for George Lloyd (Anglican Bishop of Saskatchewan), a strong opponent of non-British immigration to Canada. During a nearly disastrous immigration journey, which was badly planned and conducted, he distinguished himself with the colonists and replaced the Barr Colony’s leader and namesake Isaac Montgomery Barr during the colonists’ journey to the eventual townsite.  When the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created in 1905, the Fourth Meridian was selected as the border, bisecting the town. Caught by surprise, Lloydminster residents petitioned for the new border to be revised so as to encompass the entire town within Saskatchewan, without success. For the next quarter century, Lloydminster remained two separate towns with two separate municipal administrations. Finally, in 1930 the provincial governments agreed to amalgamate the towns into a single town under shared jurisdiction. The provinces, again jointly, reincorporated Lloydminster as a city in 1958.

The local economy is driven primarily by the petroleum industry. Agriculture remains an important economic activity, although many farmers in the area have been sustained financially by lease payments resulting from oil wells drilled on their land.  The Husky Lloydminster Refinery is also located in the community.

Lloydminster Public School Division – http://www.lpsd.ca/

Lloydminster Catholic School Division – https://www.lcsd.ca/

Private Schools

Queen Elizabeth School – http://queenelizabeth.lpsd.ca/

Barr Colony School – http://barrcolony.lpsd.ca/

Upper Canada College – http://www.ucc.on.ca

Wardian Academy – https://www.wardianacademy.ca/

Colleges & Universities

Reeves College – http://www.reevescollege.ca/campus-locations/lloydminster/

Lakeland College – http://www.lakelandcollege.ca/

Finding a Family Physician

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
Web: www.cpsa.ab.ca

Health Link
Toll Free: 1-866-408-5465?
Web: https://myhealth.alberta.ca

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)


Public Health – Prairie North Health Region – http://www.pnrha.ca/bins/index.asp

Hospitals & Clinics

Lloydminster Hospital – http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/info/facility.aspx?id=1000201

Walk In Clinic – http://www.pnrha.ca/bins/index.asp

Family Medical Clinic – https://www.canpages.ca/page/SK/lloydminster/family-medical-clinic/100117051


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